Clairvoyant’s Activities

Clairvoyant’s Activities

For every clairvoyant, practice is the key to perfection of his ability. A clairvoyant should not only focus on some specific activities and techniques to improve or even sustain his ability but he should incorporate his clairvoyance ability in every aspect of his life. Even in his daily routine, his psychic ability must be a constant part of it. Incorporation of clairvoyance in one’s daily routine will allow him to enhance his ability if he is a beginner, enhance and control his ability if he is a professional practitioner.

There is a set of 5 guidelines, developed by professional and experienced clairvoyants that throw light on how to incorporate clairvoyance in one’s daily life. These guidelines are as follows.

In the morning, the fist thing to do is to make a list of those people with whom the person expects to have interactions. This should not be done on the basis of logic but with a clear and open mind.

Before picking up a phone call, one should try to guess and visualize the other person, who is calling. This will improve intuition.

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