Clairvoyants are a type of psychic people. They are the ones who are blessed with the psychic ability to see visions of the distant things, persons and places. They can also fore see the events of the future through their ability to have visions. Due to their ability to have visions, they are known as clairvoyants and the phenomenon is known as clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is a French word which has been formed by combining two words. These are, clair, meaning clear and voyance, meaning visions. So, the word actually means, clear visions.

Clairvoyants are the ones who are blessed with extra ordinary extra sensory perceptions. With the help of these super strong perceptions, these people are able to see beyond the boundaries of the physical world.

These activities of the clairvoyants are considered to be psychic in nature and are considered paranormal. The logics of the physical and material world are unable to explain them. A lot of scientific research has been done in this regard but no scientific evidence has yet been found for the existence of the phenomenon of clairvoyance and the authenticity of clairvoyants. Besides the scientific circles, there is also a mixed opinion among the masses regarding the reality of clairvoyants.

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