Many ancient folklore and urban legends entering the crystal skulls have focused on the supernatural powers of these objects. According to a prolific scientist and researcher on the crystal skulls- the Topaz Skulls made by the Mesoamerican artists during the prehistoric times have the powers to heal and involve in many spiritual or psychic abilities. In fact, many modern psychics that practice communications with the spirits of the other world often make the skulls their media to interact.

Again, the expert and his team believe that the skulls were a form of computer that were powered with the capability to record the vibration and energy that occurred in the surroundings. The Topaz skulls were efficient to record the images and the events of the people that have been associated with the skulls. This mysterious documentation is still a weird yet a surprising factor that has led many crystal skull researchers to go extra miles in finding out what lies beneath.

A professor of Anthropology in Arizona University – Michael Smith has stated that the skulls were made by the Aztec sculptors and those represented the several Gods of the Aztecs. The skulls were mainly created to please the Gods and for invoking them along with some rituals. But alongside, the professor denies the supernatural qualities of the skulls, unlike the other researchers, are accepting.

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