Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

A major hurdle in establishing the authenticity of the science of tarot reading is the presence of high intensity of trust deficit among the persons, who get their tarot readings done by tarot readers. Before, during and after the reading is done, the person whose reading has been done, remains under the clouds of uncertainty about the authenticity of the reading due to the presence of high level of trust deficit in his mind, regarding the reader who has carried out the tarot reading.

The high level of trust deficit can sometimes turn out as very lethal in nature, jeopardizing all the efforts of a tarot reader and the relationship between the reader and his client. Other harmful impacts of the trust deficit result in a non serious attitude of the person under study, towards the results and recommendation of the tarot reading. When the person takes the tarot reading results not in a serious way, than he is most likely not to follow the recommendations of the study, for a batter future. When the instructions are not followed than the future results does not come out as they were expected by the person. Thus, his miss belief on the authenticity of the tarot reading increases to a great degree. This notion also waters the seed of perception regarding tarot reading in the mind of a person as a fake, thus, devaluing its importance and significance. The factor of distrust is the major cause that has always hindered the development and progress of the art and science of tarot reading.

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