Automatic writing or drawing

Automatic writing or drawing

Automatic writing or drawing is widely used by therapists, writers and psychics. It is a way to write or draw anything on paper by pen without any thoughts in mind. Automatic writing or drawing uses your subconscious mind. It eliminates your conscious mind to interrupt.when writers go through blockage of thoughts known as “writer’s block” ,they carry this out to regain the flow and work again.

Therapists use it in therapeutic modality, wherein first hypnosis is done to prevent the interference from the conscious mind and let the thoughts flow through spontaneous writing or drawing.Then the process to decipher starts and further steps are taken to control. Automatic writing or drawing is widely used for divination also. Psychics meditate and connect themselves to a spirit and let the messages flow on the paper without any filter in brain. This is also called as “spirit writing”.
To carry out the process of automatic writing or drawing, one needs to go to a calm place. Medidate for a while to repel all the negative thoughts present. After coming to a neutral state, connecting to a nearby spirit, let the writing or drawing process begin. Do not let your brain filter anything. Let everything come on the paper in a flow. Once completed, read the messages drawn on the paper. There would be times when you will have the writings that will not make any sense. Do not be discouraged, practice and patience will give a positive outcome the next time you do it. You will find a lot of information on the subject on

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