Who’ll Guide You to Meet Your Guardian Angels?

Who’ll Guide You to Meet Your Guardian Angels?

Have you ever thought that when we say about angels around us who they actually are and how we got to that through which way we’ll contact them? Who is our guide or mentor in our journey to meet our angels around us?

I’ll tell you that who is the guide soul in our lives and who these guardian angels actually are?

Guardian Angel

We have a couple of pure soul which known as angels since we entered this world. The guardian angel is one of them. And this guardian angel is the spirit of our loved ones from our previous birth like the soul of your grandparent, mother, father etc. This soul is well connected with ours emotionally. It plays the role of a friend in our lives who is with us everywhere at every point of our life. Our guardian angel is the soul around us who knows us very well in fact much better than we know ourselves. They know what makes us happy what makes sad and what makes feel depressed. They know very well what they have to do in such situations. They pamper you in same the way they pampered you in your previous life. The role of guardian angel in our lives is very important. The guardian angels are always around us and help us in several ways like being our internal voice, being an exceptional thought in our mind etc. For example you are riding a bike at the speed of 60 miles per hour and without a helmet on and suddenly you hear in your mind that I should slow down and I should wear helmet now. That was your guardian angel who is alerting you about what can be happen in next moment like you can met with an accident or you can die.

Now you must be thinking about the guide or the mentor who’ll guide you to meet your guardian angels. So, I’ll let you know about the guide or mentor.

Guide or Mentor

Guide or the mentor is none other than another loved one of ours from our previous birth who is appointed as a guide in our lives to guide us to meet our guardian angels. And he left us with our guardian angels when we met them or we can say that he leaves when his duty completed. He sent to this world with us and our guardian angels but he never stays with us all our life. The guide soul lefts when we once met our guardian soul or guardian angels. And till you meet your guardian angels he plays the role of guardian angels in your life. When you met your real guardian angels your guiding soul just disappears.

So, that was all about the guardian angels and the guiding souls who took us to those guardian souls of us.

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