Psychic Balance of Nature

Psychic Balance of Nature

Nature is a word which has many things in it. Everything is inside this word it is a human in it, animals come inside it, tree plants and animals all come in. Nature is God’s biggest gift to us. In Nature, there are so many elements that all our lives depend on, such as grain fruits, vegetables, herbs etc. The lack of any of these elements has a huge impact on our lives. Our life is from nature. Or say that our life is filled with happiness due to nature. Just as a clean and healthy body has a clean soul. In the same way, the happiness of humankind can be joyful in a clean and healthy nature. Do you know that there are psychic powers in nature, which we balance with our actions and our habits?

I know it is a very surprising and confusing fact, but when I will tell you the truth behind it, you too will start believing that there are literally psychic powers in nature and our actions and our habits are those who balance it. In a simple way, we can say that the psychic balance of nature depends on us. Just as a clean body resides in a clean soul, in the same way, the positive environment and the clean nature circulates the positivity in it.

As we all know that if we keep our homes clean then God will dwell in our house, in the same way, if our nature is neat and clean, our atmosphere will be clean, then positive energy will be communicated in our nature and environment, The angels will dwell in that clean nature. As we all know that the angels are considered to be God’s postmen and the angels dwell at the same place where there is positivity and for the sake of positivity, we have to keep our environment clean. By doing so, the positive energy will be transmitted in us and God will be pleased with us so that no difficulties will come in our life and all kinds of evil forces like bad souls, devils and negative energy will stay away from us, which will further increase our happiness in every way possible.
To do this we must first change ourselves, change our habits, we have to stop ourselves from spreading dirty space everywhere. And as much as possible we should keep our atmosphere and nature clean. We have to be self-motivated and we should motivate others to do the same. Because one of our efforts can give us a big result in the form of a neat clean environment and nature will be happy then.

So, encourage yourself, just get self-motivated and start the change because if you will start once then things will surely change.

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