Choosing the right deck of tarot card

Choosing the right deck of tarot card

What kind of tarot deck to should we choose is confusing to know, especially, in this modern world of the Internet, where we have a lot of options are available. Some of the tarots decks possess pretty standard meaning from one to the next and then to the next, while some tarot decks are quite far out there. Here you will be provided some tips to get a deck that will suit you the best, a deck which can be operated with ease. One has to establish resonance with the tarot cards so as to get a fulfilling reading.

Identifying the tarot cards
First of all, it is very important to identify the tarot decks because there is a long list of decks which claims to be tarot deck but actually are not. For example, some of the oracles are also called tarot but don’t work as a real tarot deck. To identify a tarot deck you should know that a tarot deck is consisting of 78 cards. There are 22 trump cards which are also known as major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards. These minor arcana cards are further divided into four suits.
There are novelty decks which are very far from the usual tarot reading. There are traditional decks which can be used for detailed meaningful reading. Then there is rider Waite deck which I personally use as a tarot card reader. The rider Waite decks consist of images on each card to describe the meaning of that card for a specific situation, which makes the rider Waite deck less complicated and easy to use. Combining with astrology and numerology, the tarot cards becomes more meaningful and accurate.

Old or new
You have to decide whether you need to work with the traditional tarot deck, a modern-day tarot deck or the mixture of both. The unconventional deck is something which I don’t recommend to anyone because after learning the interpretation of these cards, your tarot reading ability will be limited to it and you will face difficulties in providing reading with any other deck. On the other hand, consistency is the virtue of the traditional tarot decks. So first you should learn to operate with the traditional tarot deck and then experiment with any other deck.

Before learning to use tarot cards, there should be a genuine reason for its use. People have various reason to perform tarot card reading. Some peoples by learning this art and providing their service to others want to earn money and make it their business. Some want to help others. Some want to perform self-reading to fill them with confidence and prevent themselves from the coming problems. You decide what you want from this amazing tool.

Starting off performing a tarot card reading can be a bit hectic. It will be difficult to understand them in the starting. One tip which I would like to give you is that, imagine the visuals of the picked tarot cards in your mind and then correlate it with your life. You can also write down the tarot cards on the paper to un-puzzle them.

I would definitely suggest the Rider-Waite deck for the beginners.

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