A Parrot Will Be Your Fortune Teller

Some say that fortune telling is a special blessing and a person who is now able to see things of the future. Many people believe in that person and whatever he says is respected and taken very seriously.

There are various types of fortune tellers. The type of fortune teller is defined by the methods that are applied to know and communicate the fortune. One such type of fortune tellers uses a parrot to determine a person’s fortune.

The process for this type of fortune telling revolves around a parrot and some cards. When a person approaches the fortune teller and requests to know about his future than the fortune teller takes out his special parrot. The parrot is allowed to choose from the cards that have been spread in front of it. The chosen card by the parrot is read by the fortune teller to the person. Whatever is written on the cad is supposed to be the future and fortune of the person. After all this process, the parrot is put back in to the cage.

Real and authentic or not, but this is a widely practiced technique of fortune telling, especially in the third world countries. The practitioners are great in number with a very huge customer base.