Contemporary Fortune Tellers

In early times, fortune telling was limited to a very small population, who had the capabilities to do it. These people were considered to be blessed with the super natural power of foreseeing things before they take place in the real world.

With the advent of new technologies, significant changes have been observed in all spheres of life. Advancement in technology has given way for new and innovative opportunities. The case of fortune telling is no different from others. Previously, fortune telling was considered some what sacred and was conducted in a specific environment. The face to face interactions between the fortune teller and the person under study were mandatory. Due to this prerequisite, fortune telling was limited to those areas where the fortune tellers were physically present.

The inception and world wide use of internet has redefined fortune telling. The reach of a fortune teller has increased to a massive geographic area. The concept of online fortune telling is also on the rise. In this mechanism, fortune teller and the person who wants to be told about his fortune are connected through the internet. Through this mechanism, they cane have one on one direct interactions on the platforms of various software like personalized messenger software. The can also communicate with each other on the platform of a web site that is designed by the fortune teller. The use of software in fortune telling is also on the rise.

The innovative changes in fortune telling have, some how become the reasons for the questions on the credibility of fortune telling.